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LR Insect Tarrium 5 Litre


Insect Tarrium, 5 litre size with ventilated lid and lighting is ideal for housing small pet invertebrates such as jumping spiders, snails, true spiders, juvenile tarantulas, and young insect nymphs. Great for kids!

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The cylinder-shaped Insect Tarrium is an ideal container for many invertebrates, such as jumping spiders, praying mantises, stick insects, beetles and even small water animals. The removable lid contains a fine-meshed ventilation gauze, a small hatch for easy feeding, two daylight and one moonlight LED. A light sensor turns on the moonlight-LED when it is getting dark. Perfect starter tank for children. 2 Year warranty.

Ultra light weight design utilising low energy LEDs powered via USB plug. Great way to encourage children to take an interest in mini beasts!


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