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CreatureCare ‘pH Shell Protect’ Giant Land Snail Bedding, 2L


A higher pH, calcium-fortified substrate designed as an alternative to acidic substrates such as coco-coir and peat, preventing shell acidification to keep your snail’s shells shiny and colourful. CreatureCare’s prevents the slow breakdown of shell integrity from acid substrates like coir and peat by utilizing all-natural basic minerals along with calcium-rich oyster shell for your pet to nibble on while it forages.

Sold in small 0.5L, pack for baby snails, and 0,2L pack for larger snails.

  • Shields against shell erosion, enhancing shell sheen
  • Rich in Calcium for robust shell development
  • Modelled after the thriving mineral-rich habitats of wild snails

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CreatureCare’s pH Shell Protect giant land snail bedding stands as a more neutral PH bedding to keep your snail’s shells shiny and colourful. Recognizing the flaws of coco-coir, peat, and other acidic substrates, SnailTerra Bedding is inspired by the basic environment and soil in which wild snails thrive. A nutritionally-rounded substrate designed to preserve the shine, colour, and health of mollusc shells through a higher soil pH level than conventional substrates, resulting in less shell acidification. Ready to use from the bag, simply add this loose bedding to your pet’s enclosure.

Instructions for Use:

  • Open Giant Land Snail Bedding and empty a generous layer into your enclosure, ensuring it’s deep enough for your snail to burrow.
  • Moisten as required for your snail species. For most species, the substrate should not be dripping wet, instead, lightly damp.
  • Not for human consumption.


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