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Explore our wide selection of tarantulas for sale. Shop both new-world and old-world varieties, each with uniquely beautiful appearances and temperaments. Tarantulas are popular, low-maintenance pets with over 900 species to choose from. Jump into arachnid ownership with our selection of tarantulas for sale, and get them next-day. Tarantulas are celebrated for their mesmerizing appearance, diverse behaviours, and the minimal maintenance they require, making them an exciting choice for exotic pet enthusiasts. Our extensive collection of live tarantulas includes a variety of popular species that thrive in captivity, ensuring you can find the perfect arachnid to suit your interest and level of experience. For those in the UK looking for tarantulas for sale, you’re in the right place. With detailed descriptions, customer reviews, and access to expert advice from our eam, buying a tarantula online has never been more straightforward or secure. Whether your interest lies in the docile, calm nature of the Mexican redknee or the colourful appearance of the Green bottle blue, we cater to all preferences. It’s never too late to explore the latest tarantulas for sale in the UK and join the growing community of tarantula keepers who have delved into the rewarding world of arachnid care.

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Which species of tarantula should I buy?

If you’re a beginner keeper, the recommended pet tarantulas to buy typically belong to the genus Brachypelma. This includes everyone’s favourite, the Mexican red knee, along with the Mexican fire leg. Members of the genus Grammostola, such as the Brazilian black and chilean rose, are other popular beginner tarantula choices due to their weak venom and docile temperament. The green bottle blue, curly hair tarantula and Arizona blonde are other brilliant choices.

What do tarantulas eat? What should I feed my spider?

Tarantulas are carnivorous spiders that primarily feast on invertebrates such as insects and other arachnids. Some species, known as “bird eaters”, have been known to tackle larger animals, both birds and mammals in the wild, however the bulk of their diet consists of other creepy crawlies.

Is it safe to buy tarantulas online? How does this work?

Yes, it’s safe to buy tarantulas online from us. We ship exclusively within the UK via ‘Royal Mail Next-Day Before 1pm Guaranteed’ service, ensuring your pet tarantula spends only minimal time in transit. We’ll send out a shipping confirmation email when they’re on the way. If there are any issues and your animals arrive ill or deceased, we offer refunds for injuries and illnesses within a 7 day window after arrival.*

My pet tarantula just arrived, what's next?

The wait is over! It’s time to carefully unpackage your pet tarantula from its transport container. Ensure you’ve prepared your tarantulas enclosure ahead of time so it’s ready for your pet to get straight in. Make sure you have a clear place to unpack your spider where it can’t run away. You can either place the transport container in its habitat as it comes, or gentle unwrap any tissue and ease it out. Contact and handling of any kind is not recommended. Then, leave it to burrow and settle in.

How do I care for a tarantula? Are they easy to care for?

Yes! Tarantulas are one of the simplest exotic pets you can keep, and are super low-maintenance even as far as invertebrates go. Terrestrial tarantulas require a habitat at least 3x their total leg-span in substrate depth and width. Enclosures can be acrlyic, glass, or even plastic, as long as they’re secure. Tarantulas will need regular weekly feedings of livefood items like roaches, crickets, locusts, grubs, and more. A shallow water dish will allow them to drink, along with regular misting of their substrate and enclosure to keep humidity high.

Do tarantulas make good pets?

Tarantulas make excellent display pets, and feeding them is always entertaining. Naturally, they’re not going to provide the same experience as caring for a cat or dog, but they’re brilliant fun, and have a huge community of spider keepers to vouch for them.

Can tarantulas be kept together?

In 99% of cases, no. Tarantulas are highly aggressive save for a few species that, at best, tolerate company. Housing multiple spiders together will result in cannibalism, so each should be kept separately. Even mating-time is a highly dangerous situation for male spiders, breeding should be heavily researched before attempting, and always supervised.