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Discover your next pet from our selection of centipedes for sale. With species suitable for beginners and experienced keepers alike, we endeavor to stock the most exciting species available. Centipedes are unconventional pets, even as far as invertebrates go, but are beloved by keepers for their exceptional hunting skills which make them fascinating creatures to observe during feeding-time. Pet centipedes provide a one-of-a-kind and exciting introduction to invertebrate care. In the UK, there is an increasing interest in keeping these multi-legged critters as pets, resulting in a higher demand for centipedes for sale. If you want to buy centipedes, you’re in for an adventure that combines the thrill of owning an exotic pet with the opportunity to learn about the intricate lives of these amazing animals. Centipedes, have many legs and segmented bodies and are an unusual yet entertaining pet choice. They belong to the class Chilopoda and are prized not only for their remarkable looks but also for their natural hunting skills, in captivity they feed on lots of live insects, such as crickets, dubia roaches, locusts, and grubs. For enthusiasts in the UK searching for centipedes for sale, there’s a variety of species to choose from, each with its unique characteristics and care needs. From the giant Scolopendra to the smaller but equally fascinating species like Ethmostigmus, there’s a centipede to suit the preferences of every invertebrate hobbyist.

Which centipede species should I buy?

The best centipedes to buy for beginners are members of the genus Ethmostigmus. These are a smaller species of centipede with a shy temperament, and are perfect for first-time centipede keepers. For relatively experienced keepers, Scolopendra dehaani are a brilliant choice, growing to impressive sizes with numerous ‘locale’ colourations to choose from.

What do centipedes eat? What should I feed mine?

Centipedes are carnivorous and will eat a wide range of live food options depending on their size. For the largest of species, adult dubia roaches are a great snack. For smaller species, brown crickets are an active and healthy choice.

Is it safe to buy centipedes online? How does this work?

Yes, it’s safe to buy centipedes from us. We ship exclusively within the UK via ‘Royal Mail Next-Day Before 1pm Guaranteed’ service, ensuring your pet ‘pedes spend only minimal time in transit. We’ll send out a shipping confirmation email when they’re on the way. If there are any issues and your animals arrive ill or deceased, we offer refunds for injuries and illnesses within a 7 day window after arrival.*