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Ready for a critter that’s a little different? Look no further than our species of scorpions for sale. From jungle scorpions to desert scorpions, we stock a wide selection perfect for invertebrate enthusiasts. Scorpions are unique arachnids, dissimilar in anatomy from the majority of other arachnids.

Which scorpion species should I buy?

If you’re a beginner, the best scorpion species are usually the giant Asian forest scorpions, or the emperor scorpion. These are large, black, docile species of tarantulas that prefer to use their claws if threatened, with their venomous stingers typically possessing mild venom comparable to a bee sting. People with a bit of experience under their belt may prefer a mild desert species such as the desert hairy scorpion. Unlike tarantulas, scorpion stings can be directly fatal, it’s very important to do lots of research the species you want to keep before purchasing.

What do scorpions eat? What do I feed mine?

Scorpions are carnivorous invertebrates that tackle prey with their potent stingers and large claws. Most scorpions are sold as late juveniles or adults, and will tackle large prey such as roaches, crickets, locusts, waxworms, and almost anything they can get their claws on.

Is it safe to buy scorpions online? How does this work?

Yes, it’s safe to buy scorpions from us. We ship exclusively within the UK via ‘Royal Mail Next-Day Before 1pm Guaranteed’ service, ensuring your pet scorpions spend only minimal time in transit. We’ll send out a shipping confirmation email when they’re on the way. If there are any issues and your animals arrive ill or deceased, we offer refunds for injuries and illnesses within a 7 day window after arrival.*

My pet scorpions just arrived, what's next?

The wait is over! It’s time to unbox your new pet scorpion from its temporary transit container and get it into its home. Ensure you’ve prepared your pet’s setup ahead of time – you’ll want to get it settled in as soon as possible. Unbox your pet in an open space, ensuring it can’t dart away anywhere. Then, use a soft brush to coax the animal into its new setup. After your scorpion is settled, leave it to create a burrow or find a secure hiding place before offering any food.

How do I care for scorpions? Are they easy to care for?

Yes, scorpions are usually very easy pets to care for. Scorpions will need a relatively spacious habitat, as they love to explore and hunt at night, with plenty of hides to relax in. They’ll need regular misting of their enclosure to keep the humidity up (if they’re a species native to a tropical region) along with a shallow water dish. Use either a sand-based substrate for desert species, or a soil-based substrate such as coco-coir for tropical species. Offer your pet live prey items once a week such as roaches, crickets, locusts, mealworms, waxworms.

Do scorpions make good pets?

Scorpions are unique pets that are more active than other large and impressive arachnids like tarantulas. They’re exceptionally easy to care for, and spend night time foraging and exploring which can be great fun to watch. If you’re aware of the risk, some people do choose to handle their more docile species of scorpions.

Can scorpions be kept together?

The majority of popular scorpion species should not be kept together except when highly supervised for mating purposes, or as very young babies being reared by the mother scorpion. If these species are kept together, cannibalisation is almost always inevitable. Certain species can be kept together, so ensure you’ve thoroughly researched the species you want to keep before purchase.