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Blue Forest Scorpion, Heterometrus Cyaneus


Heterometrus Cyaneus, or the Blue Forest Scorpion, is a large scorpion species native to Southeast Asia, known for its distinct bluish hue and large size.

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Heterometrus cyaneus, also known as the Blue Forest Scorpion, is a remarkable scorpion species native to the lush, tropical regions of Southeast Asia. As the name suggests, it is particularly unique due to its turquoise colouration caused by exposure to sunlight and UV light. This species belongs to the family Scorpionidae and the genus Heterometrus, which encompasses around 25 recognized species, widely spread in tropical and subtropical areas in Asia. The Blue Forest Scorpion is one of the more remarkable species within this group due to its unusual bluish tint.  Adult Blue Forest Scorpions average around 15-20 centimetres in length, making them relatively large compared to many other scorpion species. They possess sturdy bodies, with a thick, robust exoskeleton that provides a good deal of protection. The chelicerae, or “jaws”, are powerful, while the pedipalps are large, strong, and adapted for capturing and crushing prey. Contrary to its intimidating appearance, however, the venom of Heterometrus Cyaneus is generally not lethal to humans, causing symptoms similar to that of a bee sting in most cases. Blue Forest Scorpions are mostly nocturnal and spend their daytime hours hidden in burrows or underneath rocks and leaves. In the wild, their diet consists mainly of insects, spiders, and small vertebrates. They are also known to have a relatively long lifespan compared to other invertebrates, often living up to 7-8 years. Breeding is a unique process in these creatures, with an intricate courtship dance preceding the transfer of the spermatophore from the male to the female. The gestation period is relatively long, lasting several months, after which the female gives live birth to a brood of scorplings.


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