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Vampire Crabs

Shop from our top selection of vampire crabs for sale, offering a spectrum of colours and patterns so you can pick and mix your favourites. Whether you’re a seasoned crab keeper or new to the hobby, our range of vampire crabs to buy has something for everyone. These brilliant crustaceans aren’t just beautiful; they are also easy to care for, making them perfect for both beginners and experts. If you want to delve into something less mainstream in the pet world, vampire crabs could be your next obsession.

Which vampire crabs should I buy?

Vampire crabs are almost entirely identical in care requirements, even if they look a little different. It’s really down to personal preference which vampire crab morphs you like the look of.

What do vampire crabs eat? What should I feed my crabs?

Vampire crabs are omnivores and detrivores, so they’ll eat almost anything they can get their hands on. While nutritional requirements vary by species, you should aim to feed your crabs a varied diet of greens, calcium, and proteins. Packaged crab foods are an easy and efficient way to feed your pets, but work best alongside a variety of natural foods. Protein sources include dried shrimps, meats, and insects. Calcium sources include cuttlebone and egg shell.

My pet crabs just arrived, what's next?

The wait is over! It’s time to unbox your new crabs from their temporary transit containers and get them into their home. Ensure you’ve prepared your pet’s setup ahead of time – you’ll want to get them settled in as soon as possible. Unbox your vampire crabs in an open space, ensuring they can’t dart away anywhere(be warned- they’re fast!). Then, gently encourage your pets into their new setup. Pop in a little bit of food (they’ll only eat a small amount) and leave your crabs to settle in and destress.

How do I care for vampire crabs? Are they easy to care for?

Vampire crabs thrive in a part water part land setup, called a paludarium. Moisture retaining substrates such as coco coir mixed with sand and sphagnum moss is recommended. You can set up a full semi-aquatic paludarium, or add a small bathing area for your pet crabs in a standard terrarium using a deep dish or plastic pool. They’ll need hiding places along with regular water changes to keep them happy and healthy.

Do vampire crabs make good pets?

Yes, we highly recommend vampire crabs and think they’re fun, quirky animals. They’re exceptionally hardy and are a great introduction to keeping pet crabs. And, they come in so many different colourations.

Can vampire crabs be kept together?

Yes, vampire crabs can be kept together, though you’ll need to be careful of the ratio of male to female crabs. If there are too many males and too few females, your crabs may fight with eachother. It’s important to keep vampire crab species together, ensuring there are adequate males and females for all species if cohabiting. (Note that vampire crab species are different to colourations.)

Is it safe to buy vampire crabs online? How does this work?

Yes, it’s safe to buy vampire crabs from us. We ship exclusively within the UK via ‘Royal Mail Next-Day Before 1pm Guaranteed’ service, ensuring your vampire crabs spend only minimal time in transit. We’ll send out a shipping confirmation email when they’re on the way. If there are any issues and your animals arrive ill or deceased, we offer refunds for injuries and illnesses within a 7 day window after arrival.*

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