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Red Devil Vampire Crab, Geosesarma Hagen


The Red Devil Vampire Crab, or Geosesarma hagen, is a small, visually striking crab from Java, Indonesia. This crab features stunning red arms and bright yellow eyes. Will coexist with other vampire crabs, identical care.

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The Red Devil Vampire Crab, Geosesarma hagen, is a real head-turner, and can be kept with other vampire crab morphs. Hailing from the forest streams of Java in Indonesia, these small but colorful crabs come with a dark body and dramatic red claws. You’ll want to prepare a paludarium for these little critters, which is a habitat with both water and land areas. This is important because these crabs are semi-terrestrial, meaning they like to switch between taking a dip and strolling on dry land. These crabs are not huge, around 2 inches in size, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in personality and looks.  Red Devil Vampire Crabs aren’t picky eaters. You can feed them proteins, greens, crab feeds, and much more. Just keep their environment clean, and maintain stable humidity and temperature, and you’re good to go. The Red Devil Vampire Crab can be kept with other vampire crabs, and are remarkably easy to care for.


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