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Moss is a versatile addition to many terrarium setups. With its lush and vibrant appearance, moss is the perfect choice to enhance your terrarium’s aesthetics and maintain optimal humidity levels. Arrange moss around branches and rocks, and use it to create unique hiding spots for your invertebrates. The moisture-retaining properties of moss help create a suitable microclimate and it plays a vital role in moisture regulation within the terrarium. Many invertebrates require specific humidity levels to thrive, which high-quality mosses aid in by creating a microclimate that mimics their natural habitats. Browse our selection of natural mosses, handpicked to meet the specific needs of invertebrates such as tarantulas, jumping spiders, praying mantises, and isopods. Whether you prefer a lush carpet of moss to create a miniature forest floor or small patches for your invertebrates’ hiding spots, the versatility of moss allows you to unleash your creativity and decorate an aesthetically pleasing habitat for your pets.