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Next Day Delivery! Order before 2pm, Monday-Friday. (Exludes Bank Holidays)

7 Day Live Guarantee  for your pet covering 7 days after shipping for peace of mind.

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Live-Guarantee Application

Apply for store credit equal to the value of any unwell animals in your order. Postage will be credited if all animals in the shipment arrived unwell.

steps before applying

  • To ensure we can quickly provide advice and refunds, please ensure you have done the following:
  • Removed your pet from the transport container they arrived in.
  • Recorded a minimum of 5 seconds of video footage, the clearer the better.

live-guarantee form

What does our live guarantee cover?

The 7-Day live guarantee shows our confidence in the care and shipping of our stock. Our guarantee covers health issues related to our care of your pets, or injuries sustained in transit, such as:

  • Abnormal & erratic twitching movements indicative of neurological damage
  • Subdermal black markations indicative of infections
  • Fungal infections where the fungus is visible on the exoskeleton
  • Sudden death syndrome
  • Missing limbs (not including antennae)
  • Compromised exoskeleton, abdominal punctures, shell cracks
  • Dyskinetic syndromes
  • Severe eye-rub
  • Other issues at our discretion.

Please note, the 7-day guarantee does not cover cases of neglect, abuse, improper care, or voluntary harm to animals, as specified in our TOS, and credit can not be provided at our discretion where deaths or injuries are due to the recipient’s husbandry.