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Spiderling Tarantulas

Shop from our range of tarantula spiderlings for sale. These itsy-bitsy spiderlings are an affordable option anyone looking to enter tarantula keeping. And, paired with our spiderling kits, there’s no better way to get started in the hobby.

Which spiderling tarantula species should I buy?

If you’re brand new to keeping tarantulas, recommended beginner spiderlings include the Mexican red knee, and curly hair. These are all easy-care, low maintenance spiderlings that are great to get started with. Some spiderlings may take longer to grow than others, so these species are great for their reasonable growth rate.

What do tarantula spiderlings eat? What should I feed my spiderling?

Spiderling tarantulas are carnivorous, and require smaller live-food options than their adult counterparts. Mealworms, fruit flies, and pinhead crickets are a good choice depending on the size of the spider.

Is it safe to buy tarantula spiderlings online? How does this work?

Yes, it’s safe to buy tarantulas spiderlings from us. We ship exclusively within the UK via ‘Royal Mail Next-Day Before 1pm Guaranteed’ service, ensuring your pet spends only minimal time in transit. We’ll send out a shipping confirmation email when it’s on the way. If there are any issues and your animals arrive ill or deceased, we offer refunds for injuries and illnesses within a 7 day window after arrival.*

My pet spiderling just arrived, what's next?

The wait is over! It’s time to unbox your new pet spiderling from its temporary transit container and get it into its home. Ensure you’ve prepared your pet’s setup ahead of time – you’ll want to get it settled in as soon as possible. Unbox your spider in an open space, ensuring it can’t dart away anywhere. Then, use a soft brush to gently coax the animal into its new setup. As spiderlings are so small, you’ll want to first purchase a rearing enclosure from our selection before rehousing it into its adult terrarium when it’s large enough. After your pet has settled in to its new home, you can add in some food such as fruit flies, gently mist the enclosure’s walls, and leave your pet to de-stress and eat.

How do I care for a spiderling? Are they easy to care for?

Yes, spiderlings are super simple and affordable to care for. They need only a little space, and, as they’re so small, people often choose to keep them in small plastic containers. If you’re looking for housing, check out the ‘rearing enclosures’ selection or our spiderling kits. You’ll need a suitable enclosure depending on whether your spider is arboreal or terrestrial, with enough substrate to burrow if necessary, or to boost the enclosure’s humidity. Humidity can be increased by moistening the substrate, or by regularly misting it. Ensure your spiderling has a hide so it can feel safe and secure, and offer food every several days.

Do spiderling tarantulas make good pets?

Tarantula spiderlings are great pets, being the most affordable age group to purchase while allowing you to grow and raise your pet from the earliest stages of its life. They’re super simple to care for, however, they do possess a higher mortality rate than the older ages available to buy.

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