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Apricot Vampire Crab, Geosesarma Dennerle


The apricot vampire crab features dark legs, an orange body, and yellowy apricot coloured arms and eyes. Can be kept with other vampire crabs, identical in care.

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The apricot vampire crab, Geosesarma dennerle, is a beautiful freshwater crab species loved for its unique colouration and matching name. Originating from Southeast Asia, this crab boasts dark legs, an orange body, and eye-catching apricot-coloured arms and eyes. This crab should be kept with others of its kind, and can be kept with other colourations of vampire crab. The apricot or tangerine vampire crab is relatively low-maintenance, requiring similar conditions to other vampire crabs. They require a paludarium setup featuring both land and fresh water, with a diet of plant matter, proteins, and specialised crab foods. Keeping the water clean through frequent changes and proper filtration is also key for their well-being. They’re social creatures that get along well with other vampire crab species with comparable care requirements. If you’re interested in a pet that’s both visually beautiful and straightforward to care for, the apricot vampire crab is a brilliant choice, and one of our favourites.



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