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Silent Crickets


Crickets provide essential nutrients as a popular live feed for invertebrates like tarantulas and mantises and can be “gut-loaded” for enhanced nutritional value.

Small Cricket Pack: Approx 250 per tub – 4-5mm.

Medium Cricket Pack: Approx 125 per tub – 8-12mm.

Adult Cricket pack: Approx 25 per tub – 20-30mm.

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Crickets, as a food source for pet invertebrates, offer a balanced blend of essential nutrients and are one of the most favored live feed options. Rich in protein and readily available in various sizes, crickets cater to a wide range of invertebrate pets, from tarantulas to mantises. Their natural movement stimulates the predatory instincts of invertebrates, ensuring an interactive feeding experience. Moreover, crickets can be “gut-loaded” – fed nutritious foods that then get passed on to the invertebrate consuming them, enhancing their nutritional value.


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