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Cork Bark Piece


Premium cork bark pieces for hides, climbing and decor. Choose 15cm long, 25cm long or 40cm long.

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Premium Cork Bark pieces, sustainably sourced, this bark provides a safe and captivating environment for your arachnids, insects, isopods, myriapods and gastropods. Natural cork bark has lots of little nooks and crannies that your smaller invertebrates will love to hide in, whilst larger critters will tend to burrow under it or get behind it to hide. It provides natural Hideouts, climbing spots and has excellent moisture-retaining properties without going mouldy.

Cork bark is a natural product from the cork oak tree which has been harvested for centuries for its bark. The tree is not harmed in this process and regrows its bark. It’s the only tree that can do this!

Our cork bark pieces come in a selection of sizes. Please note that sizes are approximate due to the product being variable by nature. Generally speaking, we will aim to provide a piece equal to or slightly larger than the length you order.  It can easily be cut or broken to fit an enclosure and makes a variety of hides and habitats for your creatures.

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15cm by 8cm, 25cm by 10cm, 40cm by 12cm


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