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Giant Asian Forest Scorpion, Heterometrus Spinifer


Asian forest scorpions, Heterometrus Spinifer, are a brilliant beginner scorpion, popular due to their simple care requirements, large size, and docile temperament.

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The Asian forest scorpion, Heterometrus spinifer, is a brilliant beginner-friendly scorpion species popular for its ease of care, size, and docile temperament. These arachnids are arguably the most popular species of scorpion in the hobby, outdoing even the ’emperor’ due to its similar appearance and affordability. Heterometrus spinnifer can be found in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia, and thailand, and can grow to around 6-8 inches long, making them a decently large species. Asian forest scorpions are placid in nature, with stings being exceptionally rare due to their preference to instead pinch. In fact, their stings are incredibly mild, on par with that of a bee sting. Despite this, the chance of being pinched or stung is very low, making these critters an option for keepers interested in handling their pet scorpions. Under UV light, this critter glows a vibrant neon turquoise, and, although entirely black, this blue tint can be seen ever so slightly under daylight, making them appear more of a very dark green / navy colour. These arachnids love to explore during the evenings and at night, and so benefit from a large and stimulating environment in which they can hunt, burrow, and climb around. Live plants, deep substrate, cork bark, and other decorative items will be highly appreciated. A deep, moisture retaining substrate allows for the scorpion to create stable burrows, and a water dish should be provided to ensure the scorpion remains suitably hydrated. Humidity levels should be kept at around 70% relative humidity, with temperatures around 23c. Asian forest scorpions will happily accept locusts, mealworms and crickets and are overall a simple animal to care for. Overall, the Asian forest scorpion is a highly recommended option for first time scorpion/invertebrate keepers due to their calm docile nature, handleability, simple care requirements and large size.

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