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Giant Asian Centipede, Scolopendra Dehaani


1x Medium-Large S.Dehaani Giant Asian Centipede.

The giant Vietnamese centipede, Scolopendra Dehaani, is the Vietnam locale of S. Dehaani. This centipede grows up to 30cm long, with the Vietnam variant featuring a darker exoskeleton with bright orange legs and antennae.

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The Giant Asian Centipede, Scolopendra dehaani, hails from a diverse range of habitats across Vietnam, Thailand, and broader regions of Southern Asia. This species showcases a dark body complemented by orange legs, its colouration and huge size make it a highly sought-after among pet centipedes. Each region’s specific climate and ecological conditions contribute to slight variations in size, color intensity, and behavior.

Scolopendra dehaani is adored for its formidable predatory skills. This centipede thrives in both tropical and subtropical environments, often found in moist, sheltered areas such as under logs, stones, and within leaf litter, where it can hunt its prey under the cover of darkness. The adaptability of S. dehaani to varying climates across its native range has equipped it with resilience and hardiness that makes it a relatively simple animal to care for in captivity.

With that said, the aggressive nature of Scolopendra dehaani cannot be understated. It is equipped with extremely powerful venom, capable of subduing prey much larger than itself. For humans, a bite from this centipede can result in intense pain, swelling, and in extremely rare instances, severe allergic reactions that could be life-threatening. For this reason, you must never attempt to handle S. dehaani, and most centipedes overall. Proper enclosure design, with secure lids and plenty of space for your centipede to explore and hunt will keep both you and your centipede safe.

S. dehaani’s aggressive demeanor and venom potency underscore its suitability for educated invertebrate keepers. Those interested in this species must be well-versed in their care requirements, including maintaining appropriate humidity levels, and temperature (typically between 24-29 degrees Celsius or 75-84 degrees Fahrenheit), and providing a diet of suitably sized live prey. Please ensure you understand and respect the potential dangers associated with keeping the giant Asian centipede.


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