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Brazilian Black Tarantula, Grammostola pulchra

Brazilian black tarantulas, also known as Grammostola pulchra, are a stunning and large species of velvet-black tarantula renowned for their ease of care. Perfect for beginners.

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The Brazilian black tarantula, scientifically known as Grammostola pulchra, is a stunning jet-black, panther-like species of tarantula hailing from Brazil, where they are most commonly found in grasslands under rocks or logs. Grammostola pulchra is beloved among tarantula keepers for its ease of care and hardiness, being an ideal, low-maintenance species for beginners. This tarantula can grow up to 8 inches long, and are calm and docile making them great candidates for keepers who are interested in handling their tarantulas.


Brazilian black tarantulas are considered remarkably calm and docile T’s. These gentle giants are slow-moving and possess weak venom making them a brilliant species for handling. Grammostola pulchra tends to be a slow-moving spider that will spend much of its time in its burrow or hiding under objects. When disturbed, it may retreat into its burrow or assume a defensive posture, but it is unlikely to attack unless it feels threatened or cornered.

Care difficulty

Grammastola pulchra are a brilliant beginner species due to their hardiness and ease of care. his species is relatively tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, with a temperature range of 68-78°F (20-25°C) and a humidity level of around 60-70% being ideal. The Brazilian black tarantula is an easy species to feed, as it will readily accept a variety of prey items such as crickets, roaches, and mealworms. Adult tarantulas can be fed once or twice a week, while juveniles should be fed more frequently. Grammastola pulchra tarantulas requires at least 6 inches of substrate due to their tendency to burrow. As with all tarantulas, a water dish must be provided to allow the animal to stay hydrated.


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