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Brazilian Jewel Tarantula, Typhochlaena Seladonia

Brazilian Jewel Tarantulas, Typhochlaena Seladonia, are the diamonds of the tarantula-keeping hobby, beloved for their stunningly marked exoskeletons and vibrant, gem-like colouration.

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The Brazilian Jewel Tarantula, also known as Typhochlaena seladonia, is native to Brazil. Specifically, this species is found in the Amazon rainforest and other parts of Brazil, where they live in humid, tropical environments. They are a tree-dwelling species and are often found in hollows or crevices in tree trunks and branches. This is a relatively small species of tarantula, with adult females growing to around 3-4 inches (7-10 cm), while males typically grow smaller, with a leg span of around 2-3 inches (5-7 cm). Despite being a new-world species, the venom of the Brazilian jewel tarantula is considered potent. When kept in an appropriate environment and provided with proper care, this species can be relatively hardy and long-lived, with some individuals living for over 10 years in captivity.


Typhochlaena seladonia, is generally considered to be an overly defensive and skittish species of tarantula. They are known to be relatively fast-moving, unpredictable, and agile, and may become defensive or attempt to bolt and flee if they feel threatened or stressed. They are also known to be particularly prone to flicking urticating hairs, which can cause irritation and discomfort if they come into contact with skin or eyes. This species is not recommended to be handled due to their somewhat erratic nature.

Care Requirements

The Brazilian jewel is an arboreal species of tarantula that will benefit from a tall setup with plenty of natural objects to hide in and climb on. These arachnids love warmer temperatures of around 75-85°F or 24-29°C, and require a highly humid environment of around 80% relative humidity.  Humidity can be boosted via adding moist substrate, spraying the enclosure regularly with water, and by providing a water dish so the tarantula can stay hydrated. Due to their more demanding environmental requirements, the Brazilian jewel tarantula is not recommended for beginners.


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