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Domino Cockroach, Therea petiveriana x 4


Adult approx 3 cm


Starter colony of 4 adult domino cockroaches. The domino cockroach is a stunning, active black and white little roach. Active during the day, great for observing, easy to keep.

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Adult approx 3 cm

Starter colony of 4 adult domino cockroaches. The domino cockroach is a stunning, active little roach. A colony of adult roaches and numerous nymphs can be kept in a 60x30x40cm enclosure with mesh covering escape points, maintained at 22˚C (71.6˚F) and 60% humidity. For cooler homes, a heat mat placed on the side of the tank above the substrate level can be used. A smaller colony of 5-10 roaches can thrive in a 30x20x20cm enclosure.

Incorporate plenty of large cork bark, fake and live plants, and hardwood branches to provide climbing and hiding opportunities. This is a great species to observe as adults are often seen running around and active during the day. Keep the substrate damp (not soaking) by misting 1-2 times a week or when the top few inches of substrate dry out.

Ideally a substrate rich in organic material and able to hold moisture well is suitable. Compost or leaf litter on top of coco coir or flake soil work well. A substrate depth of around 20cm (8 inches) is sufficient, but deeper allows adults and nymphs to bury themselves more comfortably. Adding leaf litter, moss, and botanicals on top of the substrate gives a more natural feel and provides additional food for the roaches.

Feed the colony twice a week with fresh fruits and vegetables, along with a good sprinkling of fish flakes and if you can get it, bee pollen. Start with a small amount of food and monitor how long it takes the colony to finish it before increasing portions. This approach reduces food waste and prevents outbreaks of  mould, mites, phorid flies and fruit flies.

Stay on top of spot cleaning by removing uneaten food and waste from the enclosure 1-2 times a week. Roaches can be prone to fungal infections when kept in a dirty stale food contaminated environment and this can decimate your colony. Change the substrate once every 1-2 months, and consider adding a clean-up crew like springtails and  isopods to help maintain the substrate and keep the tank clean and healthy.


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