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AquaSmart 60, 58L


The Aqua Smart 60 offers a spacious 58-litre tank with dimensions of 60x30x34 cm, making it ideal for housing both aquatic and semi-aquatic invertebrates like land crabs and triops. Comes equipped with a Cleansys 200+ filtration system and day-night cycle lighting to ensure a healthy, balanced environment for your pets.

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The Aqua Smart 60 is your go-to option if you’re keen on setting up a paludarium for pet land crabs or even an aquarium for fascinating creatures like triops. Its larger dimensions of 60x30x34 cm and a generous 58-litre volume make it a versatile choice for both aquatic and semi-aquatic invertebrates. This tank  is designed to cater to the unique needs of both beginners and experienced hobbyists. The included Cleansys 200+ filtration system, bolstered by a range of multi-layered cleanbox series, promises to keep your water pristine and healthy. This is particularly important for water-dependent species such as triops. Adding to this, the SAFE LIGHTING LED system with a 6500 K colour temperature establishes a natural day-night cycle which helps to regulate the biological clocks of your aquatic  invertebrate pets.


  • 58-litre tank, dimensions 60x30x34 cm, in black, suitable for both land crabs, triops, and other semi-aquatic invertebrates.
  • Cleansys 200+ filtration system.
  • CLEANBOX AQUACLAY filter media
  • CLEANBOX FINE FOAM pre-filter
  • Water flow regulator for adaptable filtration
  • Adaptor for easy LED setup


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