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Banana Crab, Terrathelphusa Kaufen


The banana crab or gold crab, Terrathelphusa kaufen, is a species of semi-terrestrial pet crab new to the hobby. This species features a pale yellow exoskeleton with little black eyes.

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The Banana Crab, scientifically known as Terrathelphusa kaufen, is a unique pet crab species new to the hobby. This is a semi-terrestrial with their eye-catching colours and relatively easy care requirements. These crabs have a varied diet, so you’ll enjoy feeding them an interesting mix of foods. They love fish sticks, sweet corn, sweet potato, banana, and apple. Adding a calcium source like a cuttlebone or a calcium powder supplement mixed into their food is essential for their shell health.

When housing Banana Crabs, a minimum tank size of 15-20 gallons is ideal for a male and two females. If you’re planning on a larger colony, you’ll obviously need a bigger tank. The substrate should consist of a mix of coco fibre and sand to best mimic their natural environment. Known to grow up to a maximum size of 8 cm, these crabs require a spacious paludarium style


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