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CreatureCare Coco-Mat Terrarium Backing, 20x30cm


Cut to size and slot into the back of your pet terrarium. Coco-mat terrarium backing provides additional textured surface area to allow your pets to navigate easily across the height of their enclosure. Perfect for insects and arboreal spiders, coco-mat terrarium backing is highly absorbent and can provide additional humidity in your enclosure.

Comes in two common sizes for invertebrate enclosures – 20×30, and 15×20, and can also be cut to size for smaller habitats. Can be used decoratively in all pet enclosures.

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Coco-Mat Terrarium Backing

A natural-looking enclosure designed to help your arboreal pets navigate up and down the height of their terrarium. Can be used purely for decorative purposes.

How To Use

Cut to size if necessary, slot into the back of the habitat.

Suitable For:

All pets, jumping spiders, arboreal tarantulas, and insects.


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