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CreatureCare Decaying Wood Chunks, 0.5L


Sterilized decaying wood chunks for isopods, beetles, and millipedes. Mix with your substrate of choice for a nitrogen-rich bedding key to supporting prime exoskeleton health. Heat treated to prevent the influx any harmful creepy-crawlies and pathogens. Simply moisten before use and add to a humid habitat.

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Beetle, Isopod & Millipede Wood Chunks

The perfect source of food for decomposing invertebrates such as isopods, millipedes, and beetle grubs.

How To Use

Ready to use straight from the bag, just give it a spray and mix with your substrate of choice (We recommend flake-soil for beetle grubs, potting-soil for isopods, and coco-coir for millipedes).

Suitable For:

Beetles, millipedes, isopods. Add to to any bioactive pet setup to boost the micro-organisms, springtails, and isopods.


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