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CreatureCare Praying Mantis Substrate, 150g

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150g bag, ideal for small 15x20cm terrariums. For 20x30cm terrariums or larger, you might want to double up.

CreatureCare’s Praying Mantis Bedding is designed to maintain high humidity levels, offering a steady release of moisture to aid your pet in molting. Specially designed for praying mantis, this substrate supports the molting process by mimicking the humid, tropical conditions they thrive in, ensuring humidity is maintained without abrupt changes. Ready to use straight from the bag, just empty the contents into the enclosure.

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Substrate For High Humidity

Praying Mantis Bedding utilizes natural ingredients including natural woodland moss to consistently release humidity into your pet mantis enclosure. High humidity ensures your praying mantis can safely squeeze out of its exoskeleton while moulting – this humidity boosting substrate aids the moulting process.

How To Use

CreatureCare Praying Mantis Bedding is ready to use straight from the bag. Empty into your pet mantis’s setup and finish their habitat off with your favourite decorative additions like leaves, terrarium moss, cork bark, and twigs. Moisten as needed, ensuring the substrate is lightly damp. 

Suitable For:

Praying Mantis Bedding can be used with any humidity-loving critters such as tarantulas, jumping spiders, and snails, but we’ve designed it especially for praying mantis.



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