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Dairy Cow Isopod, Porcellio Laevis


A simple to care for, beginner isopod species with a uniquely dappled exoskeleton reminiscent of a dairy cow. Can be kept as pets, or used as clean-up-crew.

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Dairy cow isopods, Porcellio laevis ‘Dairy Cow’, are a staple species in the isopod-keeping hobby. They’re nicknamed “dairy cow” because their appearance is reminiscent of the black and white patterns seen on cows. They can grow to be fairly large for an isopod, reaching sizes up to 2cm or sometimes more. Ease of care is one of the major advantages of keeping dairy cow isopods. They’re highly adaptable and tolerate a wide range of conditions, though they generally prefer a temperature range of 65-80°F (18-27°C). Unlike some other isopod species, they can handle higher humidity levels, making them a great choice for different types of terrarium setups. These isopods are excellent decomposers, breaking down organic material like leaves, wood, and other plant matter in their environment. Like other isopods, they also offer benefits to a terrarium, helping to keep the enclosure nice and clean. Dairy cow isopods are prolific breeders, so once you get a colony started, you’ll likely have a sustainable population before long. They are usually not picky eaters and will consume a variety of foods, including fresh vegetables, decaying wood, and even fish food pellets for protein.

So, if you’re new to isopod keeping or looking for a species that’s easy to care for while still being engaging, dairy cow isopods are a top pick. Their hardiness, adaptability, and striking appearance make them a rewarding addition to any terrarium or bio-active setup.


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