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Decomposer Mulch


0.5 L of dried mulch. The perfect medium for keeping isopods and millipedes on, this mulch is made with heat treated partly decomposed hardwood and leaves. Simply spread a layer over their existing substrate. Alternatively it can be mixed with your chosen substrate.

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Creature Care decomposer mulch is the ideal top dressing to give your decomposers such as millipedes and isopods the partly decomposed material they need to survive. Millipedes and isopods thrive on rotten wood and leaves both to eat and to hide amongst. It is not good enough to simply give them wood chinks and bark because they can’t digest them. These creatures need the lignin in wood and leaves breaking down by partial decomposition before the nutrients become available to them. Creature Care decomposer mulch is made from heat treated dried partly decomposed hardwood and leaves. It’s medium chunky texture makes it ideal for isopods and millipedes since it can absorb humidity whilst keeping an open texture to allow the circulation of air at substrate level reducing the likelihood of unwanted mould growth.


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