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Social Desert Velvet Spider, Stegodyphus Sp.


The desert velvet spider, Stegodyphus sp, is a low-maintenance, pale-brown beauty from North Africa and the Middle East, great for inexperienced keepers due to its hardy nature.

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Stegodyphus sp, better known as the desert velvet spider, is a stunning pale spider that expertly camouflages itself into the desert terrain with its velvety pale and gold exoskeleton- this spider is as visually arresting as it is fascinating. Originating from North Africa and the Middle East, it’s a testament to hardiness, easily adapting to various conditions which makes it relatively low-maintenance for keepers, and a brilliant choice for beginners. These spiders can live communally with other Stegodyphus velvet spiders, giving them their name, the social velvet spider.


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