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Dragon Head Cricket, Cosmodera Femoralis


The dragon head cricket, Cosmodera femoralis is an omnivorous species of cricket growing to around 5 centimetres long. As it’s rarely found in the pet trade, little is known about its care. Despite this, the dragon head cricket is known to be hardy and simple to care for.

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The dragon head cricket, or the dragon head katydid originates from Cameroon, Africa, and subsists on a diet of fruits, veg, and prey items such as small brown crickets, served dead or alive. They prefer to be kept at room temperature or warmer, and will thrive at around 50-70% relative humidity. A daily spray will allow them to drink water droplets from their enclosure walls, and will keep the humidity sufficiently high.

This is a wonderful, unique species with an appearance reminiscent of a baked-bean. (Our first dragon-head cricket was, in fact, named ‘Heinz’). For those looking to start keeping crickets, katydids, and other Orthoptera, Cosmodera femoralis is a brilliant first pet. Be cautious when handling, large crickets and katydids possess strong jaws capable of delivering a bite if agitated.


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