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Dwarf West African Land Snail, Archachatina Papyracea ‘Adelinae’


Archachatina papyracea, known as the Dwarf West African Land Snail possess a modest size and intricately patterned shell. While requiring similar care to its larger relatives, it offers a manageable experience for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to snail keeping. Wild Caught.

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Archachatina papyracea, known as the Dwarf West African Land Snail, is a unique and somewhat lesser-known member of the expansive Archachatina genus. Native to the tropical rainforests of West Africa, you may be familiar with its much larger relatives, like the Giant West African Land Snail. Unlike the more popular giant species, Archachatina papyracea stands out primarily due to its smaller size, although it’s still a significantly larger snail than you’ll find in your back garden. However, what it lacks in size, it more than compensates for in its shell’s intricate design and lustre. The shell often showcases a beautiful combination of earthy tones marked by striking patterns or bands. The Dwarf West African Land Snail requires a similar environment to its larger Archachatina counterparts. This means a humid habitat, mimicking the tropical conditions of West Africa, along with a diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, protein and calcium supplements. Perfect for those who have space constraints or are seeking a more manageable pet, Archachatina papyracea offers the beauty and intrigue of giant land snails without the challenges posed by larger species. Whether you’re a seasoned snail enthusiast or a newcomer, this dwarf variety is an adorable addition to any keeper’s collection.


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