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ExoTerra Feeder Pen


The Exo Terra Feeder Pen is a comprehensive kit for housing and dispensing crickets and other invertebrate livefood, equipped with a removable, well-ventilated lid, feeding tools, and tubes that prevent escapes, ensuring efficient and tidy care.

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The Exo Terra Feeder Pen offers a comprehensive solution to housing, maintaining, and dispensing live feeder insects efficiently. With a well-ventilated, removable lid and easy cricket dispenser, managing your cricket feed becomes a tidy and straightforward process. The kit comes complete with cricket food and a water bowl. Crickets naturally seek dark spaces, hence they’re attracted to the tubes in the pen that double as their hiding spots. Conveniently, these tubes can also be used for easy dispensing. Even when you remove the lid, these tubes stay in place, ensuring minimal chances of escape. To keep your crickets healthy, you can offer them fresh leafy veg for nourishment. The Feeder  Pen is designed as both a carrier and holding pen. To feed, simply slide out a tube, drop the flapper to avoid escapes, cover the tube end if needed, transport it, and tap to dispense the desired number of crickets. Remember, remove only one tube at a time. Maintain a temperature of 21-23 °C (70-75 °F) in a well-ventilated space with low humidity. Keep it away from direct sunlight and drafts. It’s important to feed high-quality dry food and provide water (gel). In the absence of water gel, use a moist sponge, but avoid plain water as feeders might drown.


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