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Flip-Lid Rearing Enclosure, 12 x 12 x 8cm


The 8cm Rearing Enclosure is a secure and spacious container ideal for housing young invertebrates like young snails, isopods, and tarantula spiderlings. It has strategically placed vent holes for airflow and controlled humidity, along with a convenient flip-top lid for easy feeding and security.

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Dimensions: Width: 117mm Depth: 119mm Height: 78mm

This sturdy and spacious square container comes with a secure flip-top lid and 2mm vent holes. Ideal for housing small or young invertebrates such as small snails, isopods, tarantula spiderlings, and more. Vent holes are strategically placed on two sides of the enclosure, arranged in three rows of 20 vents. This ventilation system allows ample airflow to circulate within the enclosure, promoting a healthy environment, while also allowing for a controlled build-up of humidity, ensuring optimal conditions for your invertebrate’s well-being. The container’s lid features a convenient flip top, measuring 38mm by 34mm, providing easy access for feeding and ensuring that your invertebrates remain secure and unable to escape.



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