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GroLarge Land Snail Protein Blend, Small Pouch


GroLarge Protein Blend has been designed to grow the most huge & healthy snails in the hobby, helping your molluscs reach their genetic potential. Inspired by a mix of all-natural proteins used in the escargot trade to grow huge snails, GroLarge Land Snail Protein Blend provides your pets with a healthy dose of high-quality animal proteins for maximum nutrition.

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GroLarge Land Snail Protein Blend is a dietary supplement made to help maximise the growth and health of land snails. Drawing inspiration from techniques employed within the escargot industry, this unique formula is enriched with a selection of all-natural animal protein.

Designed to meet the specific dietary requirements of land snails, GroLarge provides a rich source of amino acids necessary for robust shell growth and overall health.

Instructions for Use:

  • Begin by measuring a small amount of the GroLarge Land Snail Protein Blend. A good starting point is a generous pinch of powder for every adult snail, although this may be adjusted based on the size and number of snails.
  • Introduce this supplement into your snail’s feeding routine gradually, starting with two to three times a week and adjusting as necessary based on their growth and health.
  • Ensure that Gro-Large Protein Blend is provided -alongside- a primary feed, and never mixed. This ensures your snails do not eat too much protein. Can be mixed with water to form a paste.
  • Overuse of GroLarge supplement can result in the snail growing too large for its shell, resulting in shell damage. Suspend use if any signs of shell splitting or cracking occur.
  • Not for human consumption.


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