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Jumping Spider Setup


A collection of affordable equipment and beautiful plants & all-natural decor to create a habitat suitable for Phidippus jumping spider species. Brands/plants may vary.*

  • 10 x 12 x 15cm Acrylic Terrarium (Opening door may differ slightly from picture)
  • ZooMed Hygrometer-Thermometer*
  • Coco Coir Disc  or Ready hydrated coir bag
  • 15cm Cork Bark
  • ProRep/creaturecare 500ml Spray Bottle*
  • Golden Pothos Plant*
  • Creeping Fig Plant*
  • Terrarium Moss Mini Pack

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Included in the Jumping Spider Setup*:

  • 10 x 12 x 15cm Acrylic Terrarium (Opening door may differ slightly from picture)
  • ZooMed Hygrometer-Thermometer
  • Coco Coir Disc or bag of hydrated coir
  • ProRep/creaturecare 500ml Spray Bottle
  • Golden Pothos Plant
  • Creeping Fig Plant
  • Terrarium Moss Mini Pack


*Please note, plants and equipment brands may vary due to availability. Substitutes will always be of equal or greater cost and quality.


Why We’ve Selected These Items:

The 10 x 10 15cm acrylic terrarium keeps in humidity for your spider while providing plenty of room for it to thrive in. At 10cm tall, it’s the ideal height for Phidippus species, such as the regal jumping spider and bold jumping spider. The small coco-coir disc can be soaked in water to form a small amount of soft, moisture-retaining substrate that maintains humidity while providing a natural feel to your pet’s home. With the cork bark wood chunk, your spider will have plenty of additional surface area to explore and hunt.

ZooMed’s combined hygrometer-thermometer temperature & humidity gauge provides an accurate reading of your enclosure’s parameters. This handy device sticks on to the enclosure walls, allowing for easy-cleaning. Keeping the temperature & humidity up will keep your jumping spider happy, active, and healthy while it moults.

We’ve chosen a beautiful combination of the golden pothos plant for height, along with the creeping fig plant for ground cover. Both are exceptionally hardy plants that your spider will love to explore and hide within. For additional surface area and shelter, the 10cm cork bark chunk gives your pet more room to hunt, and a safe, secure spot to web-up. This setup wouldn’t be complete without an extra touch of greenery from the terrarium moss mini pack, providing extra humidity and more aesthetic appeal.

Suitable For:

Small-Medium jumping spiders such as the ‘regal jumping spider’, ‘bold jumping spider’, ‘red-desert jumping spider’, ‘widow jumping spider’, and other members of the genus ‘Phidippus’.


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