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Juvenile Martinique Pink Toe Tarantula, Caribena Versicolor


The Martinique pink toe tarantula, also known as the Antilles pink toe, or Caribena Versicolor, stands out in the tarantula hobby due to its stunning color transition and a modest size of up to 5 inches. These are beautiful tarantulas and generally docile, and one of the best beginner arboreal species in the hobby.

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The Martinique pink toe tarantula, also known as the Antilles pink toe or Caribena Versicolor, is a radiant gem in the tarantula-keeping hobby. This standout species, often regarded as one of the most beautiful tarantulas in the hobby, goes through a fascinating color transition, starting life with a shimmering turquoise hue, maturing to have a radiant emerald green carapace, a deep red abdomen, and purplish legs. Adult females can reach a leg span of up to 4.5 to 5 inches, while males tend to be slightly smaller. Their colouration and relatively modest size make them a favourite among hobbyists. These tarantulas hail from the Avicularia genus along with other pink toes and naturally thrive in humid forest environments. In the wild, they craft their silken homes in the foliage, under tree barks, or within tree hollows. If you’re keen on keeping this species, these tarantulas require a vertical, moist vivarium equipped with multiple retreats and a steady water source. Adding either real or artificial plants can elevate the enclosures appearance and make the tarantula feel more secure with foliage cover. They are sensitive to changes in their environment, particularly regarding humidity levels. Maintaining a consistent environment is essential for their well-being. Always ensure proper ventilation. Though they’re generally gentle, their quick agility and inclination to jump might surprise the unprepared. Like all tarantulas, the Caribena Versicolor undergoes molting as it grows. Molting is an essential process where the tarantula sheds its exoskeleton. It’s a vulnerable time for the tarantula, so it’s best to avoid feeding or handling during this period. They are known for their generally docile temperament, but individual personalities can vary as some might be more skittish or defensive than others. An average egg sack from this species can produce between 90 to 120 spiderlings. These young ones, much like the adults, are arboreal and require a similar but more compact living space.  They typically reach full maturity in 1.5 to 2 years. Interestingly, distinguishing this species from its Avicularia relatives is straightforward, simplifying the task of identification and pairing. These tarantulas should be kept individually, as they will exhibit signs of aggression towards each other. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, you might want to think about welcoming this stunning creature into your collection.


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