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Mantis Nymph Food Bundle


Mantis come in many different sizes, species, and temperaments. The Mantis nymph food bundle provides a selection of our most popular and preferred mantis livefood for sale, so you’re prepared for when you get your pet. Offering your mantid a variety of food sources keeps them happy and healthy, ensuring they get all of the goodness needed for a long, happy life.

  • Large D.Hydei Fruit Flies
  • Small D.Melanogaster Fruit Flies
  • Curly Wing Flies
  • Mini-Mealworms

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Included in the Mantis Nymph Food Bundle:

  • Large D.Hydei Fruit Flies
  • Small D.Melanogaster Fruit Flies
  • Curly Wing Flies
  • Mini-Mealworms

Why We’ve Selected These Items:

A popular food choice for young praying mantis are fruit flies. However, even older members of certain species prefer significantly smaller prey than themselves, such as ghost mantis and empusidae, which do well on fruit flies. If you find your mantis needs something a little bigger, mini-mealworms are hardy, long-lived livefood insects perfect for aggressive species such as the giant Asian mantis. Others opt for flies, moths, and aerial prey, so we’ve selected curly-wing flies as they are readily accepted by fussy-eaters.


Suitable For:

All praying mantis nymphs.





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