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ProRep Peat Substrate, 10L


The Pro Rep Sedge Peat Substrate is a moisture-retaining substrate specifically designed to encourage natural burrowing behaviours in scorpions, tarantulas, and other inverts.

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Specifically designed with humid-dwelling and burrowing invertebrates in mind, this substrate is part of the ProRep’s species-specific life series. It’s composed of decomposed sedges, reeds, cattails, and marsh grasses – a mix that naturally occurs in shallow areas of open water. This unique composition creates the perfect balance of structure and moisture retention, promoting your pets’ instinctual digging and burrowing behaviors. To use, evenly distribute the substrate across the base of the enclosure. For most invertebrate species, a thin layer will suffice. However, burrowing species will need a deeper layer to properly construct their burrows. Spot-clean the substrate regularly to maintain cleanliness and ensure it remains hygienic for your pets. The substrate should be kept evenly moist, but be cautious not to over-saturate it.


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