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ProRep Springtail Food


Springtails effectively eat away at mold and decaying waste to keep your pet’s environment clean, preventing infections and illnesses. Pro Rep’s high-protein yeast-based springtail food provides a nutritious feast to keep springtails thriving in any invertebrate enclosure.

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Springtails primarily consume fungi found on decaying plants. While they can be raised on various foods like flaked fish food, boiled rice, or mushrooms, these options can often be untidy or challenging to measure in terms of adequate portions. ProRep Springtail food is the solution to these issues. Crafted from stabilized, denatured yeast, this food offers all essential nutrients needed to effectively raise and propagate springtails in a concentrated culture. Feeding is straightforward and produces zero waste, and the product remains fresh for an extended period. Every 2 or 3 days, you only need to add enough food to the culture medium to sustain the springtails for 12 hours. As they consume all of it, there’s no leftover or decaying food, ensuring a clean, uncontaminated environment. This method prolongs the culture’s lifespan and reduces the risk of it collapsing due to harmful conditions.


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