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Reticulated Land Snail, Lissachatina Reticulata


Lissachatina Reticulata, or Reticulated Giant African Land Snail, is one of the world’s largest terrestrial molluscs growing from 10-15cm long, with the albino variant possessing a near-white body and a beautifully patterned shell.

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Lissachatina Reticulata, commonly known as the Reticulated Giant African Land Snail, is among the largest terrestrial mollusks in the world. Albino Lissachatina Reticulata have smooth, glossy shells that are typically brown in colour with light streaks or patterns, with its body being a pale,transparent milky colour. Fully grown, an adult Reticulated Albino Giant African Land Snail can achieve a shell length of up to 15 centimeters or more, depending on factors like diet, environment, and genetics. Originally from East Africa, Lissachatina Reticulata will thrive in a humid environment. In their native habitats, they can often be found in forested areas, agricultural lands, and gardens. Due to their popularity as pets and their accidental introduction, they can now be found in various parts of the world, though they’re considered pests in many regions. These herbivores primarily consume a wide range of plants. In captivity, their diet often includes animal protein leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, and calcium-rich supplements, which allow them to grow strong and beautiful shells. Their unique appearance and relatively low maintenance care make the albino variant of Lissachatina Reticulata highly desirable.


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