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Springtail & Isopod ‘Clean-Up-Crew’ Bundle


The Clean Up Crew Bioactive Bundle is the perfect addition to any pet setup. These little custodians work hard to break down dead livefood, fruits, and veg in your pets enclosure before it can decay, often causing health issues and infections in invertebrates. This collection of interesting & hardy ‘pods work with springtails to keep your pets habitat clean and healthy. When these critters have nothing else to clean, they’ll be munching on the provided deciduous leaves.

  • 5x Dairy Cow Isopods*
  • 5x Lava Isopods*
  • 5x Zebra Isopods*
  • Springtail Tub
  • Deciduous Leaf Pack

*Occasionally we may have to substitute an isopod species. You will receive a species of equal or greater value.

Safe and speedy next-day delivery for both pets and equipment.

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  • 5x Dairy Cow Isopods
  • 5x Lava Isopods
  • 5x Zebra Isopods
  • Springtail Tub
  • Deciduous Leaf Pack


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