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Stick Insect Setup

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Included in the Praying Mantis Setup:

  • ZooMed Open-Air Aluminium Screen-Cage Habitat, 25 x 25 x 30cm
  • ZooMed Substrate Bottom Tray
  • Pro Rep Spray Bottle
  • 150g Coco-Coir Brick
  • 20cm Opuwa Wood


Why We’ve Selected These Items:

Featuring ZooMed’s 25 x 25 x 30cm aluminium mesh enclosure, this affordable setup is fit for several large adult stick insects, or a larger colony of small stick insects, with its quality ensuring it can be used over and over to house the next generation of your stick bug, or a new species entirely.The mesh walls of this habitat ensure plenty of airflow to your pets while allowing them to easily navigate the walls to get to their food. Included is the corresponding pull-out bottom tray for this enclosure, allowing you to easily access and clean substrate where necessary, and sift for any eggs with little hassle. ProRep’s 150g coco-coir block can be left to soak in a small amount of water, expanding into several litres of moisture-retaining substrate. Finally, Opuwa wood gives your pet stick insects more surface area to climb around, it can be placed in front of food plants water container to disguise it making your pets’ habitat more interesting to look at.

Suitable For:

All stick & leaf insect species.


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