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Sub-Adult Cobalt Blue Tarantula, Cyriopagopus Lividus


A beautiful, glossy species of tarantula with a velvety, grey & blue metallic sheen. Possesses potent venom, and an aggressive temperament.

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Sub-adult and mature Cobalt Blue Tarantulas, Haplopelma lividum, are beautifully eye-catching spiders with a metallic blue colouration, primarily seen in the tropical locales of Southeast Asia, like Myanmar and Thailand. Each spider is unique, displaying varying shades and intensities of blue across their legs, cephalothorax, and upper abdomen. The underside typically features darker tones of grey or black. While these species are loved for their vibrant colours, it’s their temperament that truly sets them apart. Highly defensive and somewhat aggressive, these tarantulas are better suited for experienced handlers who prefer observing rather than interacting with their pets. Mature females usually sport a leg span of up to 6 inches, making them quite substantial in size. They also outlive their male counterparts, with lifespans ranging between 10 to 15 years for females and 3 to 6 years for males. Their natural environment is  humid, so these conditions should be replicated in captivity, at between 70-80%, achievable through regular misting and the addition of a water dish. A temperature range of 75-85°F (24-29°C) is recommended, using devices like heat mats if necessary.

This is a sub-adult old world species,  originating from the Eastern Hemisphere. It’s a fossorial tarantula, which means it’s primarily a burrowing species that prefers to stay deep underground, creating burrows. The Cobalt Blue has quite potent venom compared to many other tarantula species. Due to their strong venom and defensive temperament, these animals should not be handled and are better suited for more experienced tarantula keepers.


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