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The Original Sea-Monkeys® – Ocean Zoo – Instant Pets


The original and much-loved Sea Monkeys, the sci-fi pet created by scientists. This kit includes the tank, water purifier, instant live eggs, food, aquarium, and a small feeding spoon, just add water. Sea monkeys are an ideal first pet, allowing children to learn responsibility without mess or hassle. Ideal for children interested in bugs, biology, nature, and the ocean.


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If you are ready to embark on your own Sea-Monkey® adventure and have your kit and packets all laid out and ready, then just follow these easy instructions and you too can have your very own colony of delightful Sea-Monkeys®. Be sure to aerate the tank daily during the first seven days. This is very important as it is critical that your new baby Sea-Monkeys® get oxygen until they are big enough to swim to the top of the tank. If you have a Million-Bubble Air Pump this is the safest way. Just give 10 to 15 pumps each day. If not, then you will have to aerate the old-fashioned way by pouring the water back-and-forth into a second container at least ten times. Do not over feed. Over feeding can cause bacteria to multiply in the tank and once out of control the bacteria will eat up all the oxygen from the water and your Sea-Monkeys® will suffocate and die.

Pour 12 ounces of water into any clean glass container or (preferably) a special Sea-Monkey® tank, such as the Micro-View Ocean Zoo. Distilled water is recommended , but if not available , tap or spring water may be used.

The water should be at room temperature Cut open packet #1 “Water Purifier”, pour the entire contents into the water and stir.

Then stand the container safely away from direct sunlight, excess heat or cold for one day. After waiting 24 hours or longer , open packet #2 “Instant Live Eggs”. Add the contents to water and stir for one minute.

Hold container up to the light and you’ll see small white specks of life swimming against the current. These are your newborn pet Sea-Monkeys® . More will hatch in days to come.

Keep the aquarium in shaded, but not dark area, away from direct sunlight.

Five to seven days later , use a Sea-Monkey® Feeding Spoon to add one small scoop of powder from packet #3 “Growth Food”. Do not stir.

Feed one level scoop of food from the Sea-Monkey® Feeding Spoon” once a week. To feed baby Sea-Monkeys ® use the small cup on the feeding spoon. To feed adult Sea-Monkeys® use the large cup. NOTE: If the water gets cloudy, you are over feeding them. Do not feed again until the water turns clear.

CHECK THE WATER LEVEL: Eventually, some water will evaporate. When down by 1.5 inches, add fresh water to within 1/2″ from the top.


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