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ZooMed Creature Habitat

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ZooMed’s Creature Habitat Kit provides you with a multi-purpose invertebrate enclosure measuring 36x25x24 cm suited to a variety of pets. Includes a hide, substrate, fake plant, and top-opening terrarium.

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36x25x24 cm


ZooMed’s creature habitat provides a multi-purpose setup aimed at keeping spiders, insects, and a variety of other invertebrates. This carefully designed enclosure ensures that your tiny critters feel right at home. Our comprehensive starter kit comes with the basics to begin keeping invertebrates.

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 8.75″ x 11.75″

Included in the Starter Kit:

  • Premium soil (1 qt size)
  • A medium-sized cave
  • A small, realistic-looking plastic plant.


Suitable For:

Praying mantis, juvenile tarantulas, stick insects, spiders, beetles, and more.


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