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White Bahamas Jumping Spider, Phidippus Regius


“White Bahamas” jumping spiders are a colour morph of the regal jumping spider that has exploded in popularity due to its female’s rare snow-white colouration unseen in other species. Beginner friendly.

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The White Bahamas regal jumping spider, Phidippus regius “White Bahamas” is a high-demand color morph of the regal jumping spider that has exploded in popularity, beloved for the stunning snow-white exoskeleton of females, entirely unseen in other jumping spiders. P. Regius are highly intelligent arachnids, as seen most notably when they hunt, in which they carefully analyse prey before pouncing upon it. These critters can jump up to 6 times their body length where they deploy this ability to launch onto live-food. Like the regal ‘jumper’, White Bahamas jumping spiders grow up to close to an inch in size, allowing them to be housed in small, affordable enclosures with plenty of decor to explore, hide in, and climb on. Overall, P. Regius are simple pets to care for with their care revolving around regular misting, feeding (crickets, flies, or fruit flies for spiderlings), and regulating the humidity and temperature of their enclosure. These arachnids will benefit from a relative humidity level of around 60-70% RH, and temperatures around room temperature. “White Bahamas” males are always black, as is typical of P.Regius. Of the females, only a percentage will grow to mature into white adults. But those that do have captured the hearts of keepers all across the internet. Female “white Bahamas” feature vibrant pink chelicerae, with males possessing vibrant, gem-like turquoise emerald chelicerae. These spiders possess 8 adorable big black eyes, with dark spider paws and the occasional dark markings. Overall, “White Bahamas” jumping spiders are brilliant pets for experienced and beginner keepers alike, and are certainly a must-have for avid jumping spider keepers. While their colouration isn’t guaranteed, it’s certainly worth it to take the chance with these beautiful arachnids whenever they’re in stock. But, be fast, as these spiders sell out quickly and are rarely available.

Please note: Not all White Bahamas jumping spiders will be white. While certain ‘locals’, ‘morphs’, or ‘variants’ of jumping spiders are known for their specific colourations, markings, and size, due to the natural variance of live animals, not all individuals will display or reflect these specific traits as prominently as others. Male jumping spiders will always be black in colouration unless specified otherwise, even for rare jumping spider ‘locals’. Spiderlings are often dark in colouration, with their true colours often only visible upon maturity.


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