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Bold Jumping Spider, Phidippus Audax


A beautiful, dark species of Phidippus jumping spider with easy care requirements. Perfect for beginners.

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The bold jumping spider, scientifically known as Phidippus Audax, is a popular pet jumping spider species native to the United States and Canada. These critters are primarily found in the eastern and central regions of North America, ranging from Florida and Texas in the south, up to southern Canada in the north. They are commonly encountered in fields, forests, gardens, and other open habitats throughout their native range. Bold jumping spiders are typically velvet-black with stunning red markings on their abdomen with metallic green-blue chelicerae and pale striped bands on each leg. These arachnids grow to almost an inch long, and are beloved by keepers for their ease-of-care, requiring a small enclosure, regular feeding, regular misting, and very little else. Like all jumping spiders, the bold jumping spider requires a live-food diet of insects such as crickets, flies, or fruit flies for spiderlings. Having a first-hand look into the hunting behaviours of Phidippus audax hunt is one of the key perks of keeping one- these are calculated, intelligent predators that carefully analyze their prey before striking. With brilliant stereoscopic vision and the ability to jump up to six times its total body length, this spider is truly fascinating to observe during feeding time as it pounces upon its food. Despite being brilliant hunters, the obsession with this animal revolves around its adorably wonderful appearance and their set of 8 cute spider-peepers. P. Audax boasts a coat of black & white patterned fur similar to the fluffy exoskeleton of a tarantula. These critters love to explore and highly appreciate an enriching enclosure with plenty of hidey-holes and places to climb about on. Ultimately, bold jumping spiders make wonderful pets, suitable for both beginner & experienced keepers alike.


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