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Chocolate Log Stick Insect, Dares Philippinensis


The Chocolate Log Stick Insect is a native of New Guinea that’s hardy and easy to care for. This critter is a nocturnal herbivore that happily munches on bramble, eucalyptus, and oak leaves.

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The Chocolate Log Stick Insect, despite its delectable-sounding name, might elicit more chuckles than cravings. Native to New Guinea, this quirky insect truly lives up to its name in camouflage, if not in culinary appeal. At first glance, you might find its resemblance less to a chocolate log and more to, well, something you’d rather not step on.

This stick insect primarily feeds on a variety of leaves from different plants. Common options include bramble, eucalyptus, and oak leaves.

Though its appearance may not win any beauty contests, it’s a fascinating creature with a knack for deception. Its colour ranges from dark brown to almost black, perfectly mimicking the look of a decaying piece of wood or, something less savoury. This master of disguise not only blends in with its natural surroundings but also remains incredibly still, only moving when absolutely necessary. The Chocolate Log Stick Insect is a nocturnal herbivore, spending its nights foraging for leaves and plant matter. Its diet is relatively uncomplicated, comprising mainly leaves from plants like bramble, eucalyptus, and oak. When it comes to care, this insect is relatively easy to look after, making it a good choice for beginners interested in insect-keeping. A temperature range of 20-25°C (68-77°F) and moderate humidity are generally suitable for this species. However, their enclosure does need to be spacious and well-ventilated, as these insects appreciate room to roam.


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