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Everglades Jumping Spider, Phidippus Regius


The Everglades Jumping Spider, Phidippus Regius Everglades, is known for the peachy-orange colouration found in its females. This Phidippus regius locality native to Florida’s Everglades national park.

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The Phidippus Regius Everglades, also known as the Everglades Regal Jumping Spider, is a distinctive variety of the jumping spider species native to the unique Everglades national park in Florida, United States. Female Everglades regal jumping spiders often boast a peachy, fluffy exoskeleton attributes that make them stand out from other P. Reg morphs. Like other jumping spiders, the Everglades regal jumping spider is known for its excellent vision, agile movements, and remarkable jumping abilities, which they use for both hunting and navigation. These spiders are daylight hunters and use their sharp vision to stalk and pounce on their prey, which includes a variety of insects. In the wild, they inhabit the subtropical wetland ecosystem of the Everglades, an area characterized by marshland, mangrove forests, and a diverse range of flora and fauna. However, they have proven quite adaptable and can be found in a variety of environments within this range. As pets, these spiders are easy to care for aswith other P. Regius spiders, requiring only a small enclosure with enough vertical space to allow them to explore, climb, and hunt. They eat a diet of small insects. Their care is identical to other Phidippus regius spiders.

Please note: While certain ‘locals’, ‘morphs’, or ‘variants’ of jumping spiders are known for their specific colourations, markings, and size, due to the natural variance of live animals, not all individuals will display or reflect these specific traits as prominently as others. Male jumping spiders will always be black in colouration unless specified otherwise, even for rare jumping spider ‘locals’.


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