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Giant Jumping Spider, Hyllus Giganteus


Hyllus Giganteus, the giant jumping spider, is the largest species of jumping spider available in the pet trade. This critter is beloved for its size, curious nature, and beautifully marked exoskeleton.

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The Giant jumping spider, Hyllus Giganteus, is a highly sought after species of jumping spider famous amongst keepers for its substantial size and beautiful markings. These arachnids can grow to around an inch in leg span, making them the biggest species of jumping spider currently available in the pet trade. Hyllus giganteus are stunningly marked, with females being a beautiful cream colour with dark red markings. Males, on the other hand, are entirely velvet black with a more ‘leggy’ appearance than females. Both have 4 pairs of stunning dark puppy-dog eyes, and little ‘eyelashes’ on either side of their head known as setae. The giant jumping spider is predominantly found in tropical and subtropical regions, particularly in Central and South America. It inhabits a variety of environments, including forests, grasslands, and urban areas. These spiders are diurnal, meaning they are active during the day, and they rely on their keen vision to locate and track prey. Like all jumping spiders, the giant ‘jumper’ possesses excellent vision that allow them to effectively hunt their prey. These critters can leap extraordinary distances of at least 10 times its total body length. This makes these arachnids brilliant hunters that use their eyesight and agility to bring down other invertebrates – an exciting experience to watch when keeping this species in captivity. The giant jumping spider is incredibly intelligent like all jumping spiders, uses its complex analytical skills to effectively target other animals during a hunt. In fact, jumping spiders are some of the most intelligent arachnids in the world. For this reason, Hyllus giganteus thrive in a sizeable enclosure with plenty of mentally stimulating objects to climb, hide in, and explore. These spiders thrive best in a heated bioactive setup that can easily retain moisture. While Hyllus giganteus aren’t recommended for beginners, they are certainly a species that jumping spider fanatics should own at least once.


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