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Green Bean Stick Insect, Diapherodes Gigantea


Green Bean Stick Insects, Diapherodes Gigantea, are gorgeous vibrant-green stick insects affectionately named for their resemblance to green bean pods.

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Diapherodes gigantea, commonly known as the Green Bean Stick Insect, is a beautiful member of the phasmid family, renowned for its vibrant green camouflage that enables it to seamlessly blend into its natural surroundings. Hailing from the Caribbean, primarily islands like Grenada and Saint Vincent, this stick insect stands out due to its impressive size and vibrant green hue. The Green Bean Stick Insect boasts a slender, elongated body structure reminiscent of a twig or leaf stem, a trait shared by many stick insects. Their bright green coloration further helps them mimic foliage, rendering them almost invisible among the leaves. Adult females can be especially large, with some reaching lengths of up to 13 cm or more, while males tend to be somewhat smaller. Primarily herbivorous, Diapherodes gigantea feeds on a variety of plant leaves. In captivity, they often consume common plants such as bramble, ivy, and privet.This stick insect species is capable of parthenogenesis, a form of asexual reproduction, allowing females to produce offspring without mating. However, when males are available, sexual reproduction can occur, leading to a more diverse gene pool.


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