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Indian Stick Insect, Carausius Morosus


Indian stick insects, Carausius morosus, are docile, quirky, and fascinating pet invertebrates for first-time keepers, often kept as starter pets for children.

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The Indian stick insect, Carausius morosus is not actually native to India, despite its common name. It is believed to have originated from areas of Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia and Singapore. The species was introduced to other parts of the world due to its fascinating appearance and ease of maintenance in captivity. These insects are highly popular with both hobbyists and keepers due to their exceptionally easy care. Carausius morosus are herbivorous and eat bramble, privet, ivy, rose, and oak, all of which can be easily found around the UK. These critters are typically kept in affordable fabric mesh enclosures where they live out their lifespan before laying eggs via parthenogenesis (female only reproduction) which hatch, in just several months, into more baby stick insects. Indian stick insects live to around a year, laying numerous eggs as soon as they reach maturity after several months. Keeping these insects as pets can be a great educational experience, especially for children. It offers an opportunity to learn about insect biology, life cycles, adaptations, and the importance of respecting and caring for living creatures, which is why they’re so popular as un unconventional “family pet”. But, Indian stick insects are also great pets for new keepers or those interested in joining the invertebrate-keeping hobby. These animals grow to around 3 inches long, with females being a vibrant green with small red markings on their inner arms. Males, on the other hand, are thin and brown. In a colony, there are typically significantly more large females than smaller males. Indian stick insects can be regularly handled by keepers, given it is done gently. Overall, raising an Indian stick insect colony is a fascinating experience we recommend to hobbyists and families alike.

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1 nymph, 5 nymph colony, 10 nymph colony


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